The Long-Term Care Task Force on Resident Care and Safety was set up to examine and address issues related to incidents of abuse and neglect in long-term care homes and the underreporting of these incidents.

  • Abuse includes physical, emotional, financial, sexual and verbal abuse.  Abuse can occur between residents and staff, between residents and other residents, between residents and volunteers, between residents and visitors, and between visitors and staff.
  • Neglect happens when a resident does not get the treatment, care, services or assistance they need, and this has a negative impact on their health, safety or wellbeing.

The consultation on resident care and safety in long-term care homes is now closed. The deadline for providing input was midnight, March 19, 2012. We extend our thanks to the many residents, family members, staff, volunteers, and others who took the time to submit their comments on this very important issue.

The task force released its report and action plan in May 2012.

Full Report – English (pdf)
Executive Summary – English (pdf)
Executive Summary – French (pdf)
Full Report – French (pdf)